Music App

February 02, 2018

I really enjoy listening to music. There are several ways to get music.

  • YT Music

    Honestly, I don’t know much about this service. I did do the free trial and it seemed ok.

  • Prime Music

    I used this for a while as I have Prime and did like it, but a lot of music moved to their unlimited plan and I didn’t like that so I started to consider paying for a service. I especially liked the lyrics that scrolled.

  • Play Music

    I did the free trial of this too and it was ok. Just ok. It worked and had good selection.

  • iTunes Music

    I don’t have an iPhone.

  • Spotify

    This service was the winner. It’s both social and musical. Social in that you can make public playlists that other users can see. As a bonus on the musical side they have their own studios and have exclusive music.

I really enjoy using spotify. The app is good; on desktop, Android, and iOS. I do have three gripes for the app.

  • Mobile app can’t read local files thus can’t be used as music app.
  • No lyrics on most songs on mobile or any on desktop.
  • Can’t make a playlist from a station on Android.

Ricardo Gomez

Written by Ricardo Gomez who lives in Dallas building useless things.